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Since 1961, BSWI has successfully implemented 42 short-term and long-term projects aided by local, national and international agencies. The programs have been listed chronologically in the following LINK:-  ACTIVITIES

BSWI assesses the program impacts through PRAs, PLAs, external reviews and impact assessment studies on the basis of its set forth program indicators as laid down in the project documents in the form of performance indicators. Baseline surveys are done at the beginning of any project to record the service data and situational analysis is done by its team and reviewers. Long term and short term perspective plans (LT/STPP) help the project to be restricted to the strategies and methodologies to reach the desired goals. Over the years, BSWI has systematically recorded the impacts of the various projects implemented through rigorous studies and reviews. We have tried to depict the impacts of various interventions in the following LINK :- PROGRAMS

Annual Report of 2010-2011 Audit Report of 2009-2010
Annual Report of 2011-2012 Audit Report of 2010-2011
Annual Report of 2012-2013 Audit Report of 2011-2012
Annual Report of 2013-2014 Audit Report of 2012-2013
    Audit Report of 2013-2014
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