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Registered with West Bengal Societies’’ Act, Government of West Bengal
Registered with FCRA, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India
Registered with Indian Income Tax Act
Exempted from income U/S 80G of Indian Income Tax Act
Registered with Khadi & Village Industries Commission, India
Registered with Profession Tax Act, Government of West Bengal
Registered with Indian Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India
BSWI has been awarded by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India, as an Outstanding Rural Development & Youth Welfare Organization for the year of 2007-2008
Government of West Bengal has declared ‘Baradrone’ village as a Model Village in the field of Family Planning that has been implemented by BSWI during the years of 1993-1998
BSWI is one of the 100 prominent rural development organizations in India by Ministry of Rural Development, GoI (CAPART)
BSWI has been empanelled as the ‘State Facilitation Centre’ by CAPART, Ministry of Rural Development, GoI.
A nudge has been given by BSWI in the project areas as to how to tackle poverty by improving people’s awareness, values, skills, capacities and attitudes.
The stakeholders are impressed at the ideas of BSWI and they are practicing the guiding principles to achieve these qualities.
It is visible in the project area that an attitudinal change and urge for acquiring new skills has appeared in the minds of the stakeholders, especially among the women members of the target community.
They have also taken collective steps to immediately affect the causes of poverty by building linkages with mainstream institutions and becoming successful in such endeavors.
Many a target families have discontinued approaching the private moneylenders of the locality for crop loan, cultivation loan and for emergency loan that they can avail from their SHGs.
The repayment of loans taken from the SHGs promoted by BSWI is hovering around 100% against schedules, whereas the repayment status of the SGSY groups promoted by local panchayat lies at a meager of 5% - 10%, that too by giving them subsidies. This proves the efficacy of BSWI’s stakeholders and their belief in sustainable livelihood improvement and poverty alleviation measures that has been injected by the illustrious efforts of the BSWI team.
In a situation where nearly 90% of the women are illiterate and the wide prevalence of early marriages; BSWI stepped into the rural theaters of the intervention blocks. It appeared that the women population of the area was waiting for a new dimension to liberate themselves from the bondage of ignorance and oppression.
They received the approaches of BSWI by both the hands and became very much enthusiastic in following the same ideas.
Although they faced initial obstacles and interference from their men folks, but over a period of time, the whole dilemma was cleared by their women and a gender dimension has been visible in the area.
The poor rural women, like a very rare happenstance, have moved to control the development affairs of the villages through forming and managing the VLDCs, and the Panchayats are fully cooperating with them.
The voices of target group women are being heard and valued by the local statutory bodies. As instances many rural development works have been initiated and completed by the government offices being pressurized by the SHGs and the VLDCs.
But not all of the SHGs and the VLDCs can claim this achievement, some are still lagging behind and BSWI team would continue to work hard to reach them an advanced stage
In the MGNREGA scheme, the stakeholders could leverage Panchayat’s support for renovation of community ponds as a replication of BSWI’s initiative thereby creating job opportunities for thousands of daily laborers, and ensured that a lesser number of laborers migrate to outside for some months.
The SHGs attended the Gram-Sabhas (Village meetings) organized by the local panchayat and raised voices for inadequate infrastructures, irregularities and demanded government programs through democratic processes.
Some of the SHG members demanded clarification from the Panchayat and from government offices regarding some disseminations and wrong selection of the stakeholders for their programs and resolved the issues.
The target groups could somehow expedite the payment of wages for the MGNREGA schemes which was earlier very much delayed.
The VLDCs could avail some government schemes (forestry, orchards, goats) from the Panchayat for onward distribution to the target groups.
The members of the Community ponds (renovated by the project) demanded a reduced fee for lease from the Pancyayat and they could avail the subsidized fees to the tune of less than 50%.
They could also ensure by making local rule that such community assets would never be leased out to outsiders and the users of such assets would enjoy the benefits.
  Sustainability of outcomes:
  There are five sustainable programs of BSWI right now in the fields. They are:
Regular savings and repayment habit amongst the SHG members and they are oriented in poverty issues.
Awareness on government programs and their rights to claim the programs for their livelihood/social improvement.
Awareness on scientific methods of agriculture and allied activities for increasing their incomes and scope of employment.
Scalability of some programs, i.e., renovation of community ponds, as the local panchayat has included this program in their work agenda following the BSWI’s program for creating scope of more employment and income generation of the target groups.
Using community assets/government-owned assets at lesser costs and reducing the scope of middlemen’s control over such assets.
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